Above: Plaque seen in Russian art gallery

Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas have been creating bizarre inflatable art since the early 90’s.
The puffed-up duo are driven by their love of mischievous  public intervention and a megalomaniacal desire to create objects of gargantuan proportion.
With seemingly endless possibilities for form and function within the inflatable medium the artists have always been keen to experiment and break new ground, which is lucky as for many years they didn’t know what they were doing.

The artists also run an inflatable design company, Designs in Air, and have produced hundreds of bespoke commissions for all manner of projects around the globe.
With electronic musician and hacker Jnr. Hacksaw they have recently released an innovative interactive music-making product called Musii (Multi Sensory Interactive Inflatable) which was originally developed for their own fun but has since been found to be a great therapeutic tool for people with Special Needs.

When Filthy Luker is not doing any of that he likes to stick eye-balls on things.