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Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas turn their playful ideas into seriously large sculptures as some kind of personal vendetta against the mundane confines of the city in a heroic effort to make the world a brighter, more surreal place for us all.

Info – Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas

Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas are driven by their passion for air-filled innovation, public art and intervention.

The inflatable medium offers seemingly endless possibilities of form and function. For some reason the artists settled on making  giant surreal sculptures that interact with urban landscape, transform the city skyline and attempt to engage the viewers with their striking visual art, underlying message and unique sense of humour.

The artists have always been keen to experiment and break new ground – which is lucky as for many years they didn’t know what they were doing. Now that they do know what they’re doing, they have become experts in their field, but they’ve been doing it for so long that they’ve they’ve forgotten why!

Working in many different areas of public art the artists with their highly skilled team –  Designs in Air – are kept busy by  clients who keep asking them for design bigger and stranger sculptures for all manner of projects and events around the globe.

With electronics geek and life-hacker Jnr. Hacksaw they have recently released a space age interactive invisible beam music-making sculpture called Musii (Multi Sensory Interactive Inflatable) which was originally developed for their own personal enjoyment but has since been found to be an amazing and empowering therapeutic tool for people with Special Needs.


Designs in Air – www.designsinair.com
Inflatable art for hire and commission. Designs in Air create unique inflatable sculptures and spectacular installations.

Musii – www.musii.co.uk
Interactive music system designed for developmental play and multi sensory therapy. Please contact us for more information.



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