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Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas turn their playful ideas into seriously large sculptures as some kind of personal vendetta against the mundane confines of the city in a heroic effort to make the world a brighter, more surreal place for us all.

Info – Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas

Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas are driven by their passion for innovative design, public art and mischievous intervention.

The duo have time again proven to be pioneers in the inflatable medium as well as carving themselves a unique niche in the international Street Art movement with their larger than life sculptures and anarchic humour.

Their pop-up installations never fail to turn heads, raise smiles and create epic scenes that shifts the mundane towards the surreal, the sublime and often the downright ridiculous.

The artists with their highly skilled team of technicians, working as Designs in Air, always seek to make objects of beauty with meticulous textile construction, a vibrant colour pallet and innovative lighting.

Working with musician and electronics geek Jnr. Hacksaw the team have recently launched a space-age interactive invisible beam music-making sculpture called Musii (Multi Sensory Interactive Inflatable) which was originally created for their own enjoyment but was then developed to be an amazing and empowering therapeutic tool for children and people with Special Needs.


Designs in Air – www.designsinair.com
Inflatable art for hire and commission. Designs in Air create unique inflatable sculptures and spectacular installations.

Musii – www.musii.co.uk
Interactive inflatable music system designed for developmental play and multi-sensory therapy.


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